Warhead Hard Seltzer

Warhead is a popular brand of tart or sour candy made by Impact Confections. The candies vary in their sourness to cater to various preferences. The first country to invent Warheads was Taiwan in 1975. In the 1990s, The Foreign Candy Company imported them to America. Most people loved them, especially children, giving them the … Read more

What is Bang Mixx

Are you a fan of Bang energy drinks? Are you looking for a refreshing alcoholic beverage that contains zero sugar & carbs? Then you’re sure to love Bang Mixx hard seltzers– a hard seltzer from the same company that makes Bang energy drinks! While Bang is known for their high caffeine content of 300mg per … Read more

What is Kirkland Hard Seltzer

Kirkland Signature Hard Seltzer is a refreshing carbonated alcoholic seltzer made from a fermented sugar base.  This seltzer is produced for Kirkland by Patco Brands in Hood River Oregon. They come in 12oz cans that contain 5% alcohol… But the best thing about these hard seltzers– their price: just $17.99 for a 24-pack! Some have … Read more

Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Pouring a Hard Seltzer into a glass

Hard seltzers– love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re one of the most popular alcoholic drinks today. You may have heard of White Claws and Truly, but have you heard of Vizzy? It’s a new fizzy, flavorful seltzer that comes in 16 different flavors– all for a measly 100 calories. That’s right… move out of the … Read more

Full Send Hoodie

View of guy wearing a red hoodie from behind

The Full Send Hoodie is the best way to show the world that you’re a Full Sender…  It can also keep the Half Senders far away from you. What is Full Send Chances are, you know who the Nelk Boys are… (if not, why are you here?!) They’re a group of Canadian pranksters that blew … Read more

Everything about the Full Send Pre Workout

Man deadlifting in the gym

Nelk’s pre-workout formulation, also known as “FULL SEND PRE”, is a high-caffeine pre-workout loaded with tons of supplements to boost your workout performance. ONE SCOOP OF FULL SEND PRE OR BCAA IMPROVES PHYSICAL AND MENTAL ENERGY, VASCULARITY, ENDURANCE AND RECOVERY – ALLOWING YOU TO PUSH YOUR BODY TO ITS ABSOLUTE LIMITS. FullSendFitness.com Full Send Pre-Workout … Read more

Full Send Neon Sign

Relax Neon Sign

What is the Full Send Neon Sign? The Full Send sign is a neon sign with a parrot & palm trees that says “Rona Season” on it. It is heavily inspired by the official Corona Light sign that has a parrot & palm tree on it. It’s highly in demand, hard to find, and commonly … Read more

Full Send Flag

Full Send Flag

What is the Full Send Flag? The Full Send flag is a 3’x5’ polyester banner that represents the Nelk Boys It’s the best way to show your support for Nelk & that you don’t support Half Sends. What is the meaning of the Full Send Flag? The Full Send Flag tells everybody that you are … Read more

Full Send Shotgun Tool

Canadian Flag

The Full Send Shotgun Tool Chances are, you know who the Nelk Boys are… They’re a group of Canadian YouTubers famous for prank videos, vlogs, and their brand Full Send. The group consists of members Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani. Want to shotgun beers like the Nelk Boys? Then you’re going to need a Full … Read more

Alcohol Slang Words

Neon lights at bar

Alcohol Slang Words Anybody who has ever visited the grocery store is aware of different types of alcohol.  Some kinds of alcohol are distilled that concentrates their alcohol content making them more harmful.  Humans have been into alcohol for thousands of years. Let us explore types of liquor with their slang words. Vodka Vodka is … Read more