What is Kirkland Hard Seltzer

Kirkland Signature Hard Seltzer is a refreshing carbonated alcoholic seltzer made from a fermented sugar base. 

This seltzer is produced for Kirkland by Patco Brands in Hood River Oregon.

They come in 12oz cans that contain 5% alcohol…

But the best thing about these hard seltzers– their price: just $17.99 for a 24-pack!

Some have called it the “Cheaper Verison of White Claws”… but is that a fair comparison? Or could the Kirkland Hard Seltzer be even better?

What flavors does Kirkland Hard Seltzer come in?

Kirkland Hard Seltzer comes in a variety pack of 4 flavors: Mango, Grapefruit, Black Cherry, and Lime.

  • Mango
  • Grapefruit
  • Black Cherry
  • Lime

Kirkland Hard Seltzer Nutrition Facts

NutrientQuantity per 12oz can
Calories100 calories
Carbohydrates1-2 grams
Alcohol5% ABV
Sugar2 grams

Kirkland Hard Seltzer Ingredients

  • Purified carbonated water
  • Alcohol
  • Cane Sugar
  • Natural Flavors

What kind of Alcohol is in Kirkland Hard Seltzer

Kirkland Hard Seltzer is made from a fermented sugar base— this means it’s considered a beer

Where can I buy Kirkland Hard Seltzer?

Kirkland Hard Seltzer is available at most Costco locations. Availability will vary from time to time… in fact, it ran out of stock earlier this year which led to many fans of the drink searching for anywhere to find these seltzers.

How much does Kirkland Hard Seltzer cost?

Prices range from $15.99 for a 12 pack & $17.99-$19.99 for a 24 pack.

What people on Reddit say about Kirkland Hard Seltzer

The Good

So far these are my favorite brand of hard seltzers. They don’t taste funny or have a weird aftertaste. They also don’t give me a headache after drinking one or two.


It’s no worse tasting than any other brand. The price per can makes it a good deal.


They taste better than trulys!


The Bad

Not a lot of flavor from what I remember. They’re so so.


Not as flavorful as competition


It’s not bad, not great either. Just meh. It’s like club soda with a little taste of alcohol and faint taste of whatever fruit flavoring it’s supposed to be.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kirkland Hard Seltzer made with Vodka?

No, Kirkland Hard Seltzer is made with Fermented Cane Sugar.

How many calories are in Kirkland Hard Seltzer?

Kirkland Hard Seltzer contains 100 calories per 12 oz can.

Pretty average for a hard seltzer if you ask me.

Does Kirkland Hard Seltzer have added sugar?

Yes, Kirkland Hard Seltzer contains 2 grams of added cane sugar. This is comparable to a White Claw which also contains 2 grams of sugar.

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