Warhead Hard Seltzer

Warhead is a popular brand of tart or sour candy made by Impact Confections. The candies vary in their sourness to cater to various preferences. The first country to invent Warheads was Taiwan in 1975. In the 1990s, The Foreign Candy Company imported them to America. Most people loved them, especially children, giving them the … Read more

Alcohol Slang Words

Neon lights at bar

Alcohol Slang Words Anybody who has ever visited the grocery store is aware of different types of alcohol.  Some kinds of alcohol are distilled that concentrates their alcohol content making them more harmful.  Humans have been into alcohol for thousands of years. Let us explore types of liquor with their slang words. Vodka Vodka is … Read more

Why some Alcohol/Liquor is called “Spirits”

Alcohol & spirits

Spirits are strongly distilled alcohols that contain ethanol and water and are made from alcoholic liquid or mash. On the other hand, alcohol is a volatile and colorless liquid produced through the fermentation of sugar and/or sugar-based substances, and it is the intoxicating substance in spirits, beers, and other alcoholic drinks. History and Origin of … Read more

Tailgating Checklist

Tailgating & cooking delicious food

Who Doesn’t Love Tailgating? Football games are always the biggest thing in a hometown, and give you something to root for as you go through your day. It’s the best part about gameday Sure, watching the game is fun and all… but there are some of us that enjoy tailgating & partying more than the … Read more

Geed Check

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Yoooo, geed check…? – Frat Kid A geed?! If you’re like most of America, you are probably wondering what the hell a geed is. No worries, lemme check my handy-dandy dictionary. Hmm… verb (used with object), geed, gee·ing. to turn (something) to the right. dictionary.com … What the fuck was that frat kid talking about?! Alright, lemme … Read more

History of the Beer Shotgun

Picture of a can of Bud Light

A Party Staple Shotgunning beers — the sure-fire way to catch a buzz quickly and fit in at any frat party you may find yourself stumbling into. When was the first beer shotgunned? John Cusack graciously brought the beer shotgun to the big screen in 1985 with the film “The Sure Thing”. It quickly became … Read more