Geed Check

Yoooo, geed check…?

– Frat Kid

A geed?!

If you’re like most of America, you are probably wondering what the hell a geed is.

No worries, lemme check my handy-dandy dictionary.


verb (used with object), geed, gee·ing.

to turn (something) to the right.

What the fuck was that frat kid talking about?!

Alright, lemme let you in on a lil secret… yain’t finding the meaning in a dictionary, bro.

I told you, Costco, White Claws, Juul Pods!

– Trevor Wallace

So what does geed mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, a geed is defined as:

a term used to describe the non-Greek affiliated members on a college campus. Originally derived from “GDI” or “God-damn independents”. These people are can be characterized by social awkwardness, non-fratty apparel, and unquestioned love of the pseudo-sport ultimate frisbee.

So basically a geed is somebody that is…

  • Not in a fraternity (guys)


  • Not in a sorority (girls)

WTF! That’s me!


It’s okay to be a geed. We were all born geeds.

Lmao, I’m fucking kidding. Being a geed is not a good look.

So then what is a geed check?

Yo, can we get a fuckin’ geed check already?

– Chad

It’s 9PM on a Thursday — the start of your weekend.

You’ve been studying for finals all week with the boys and you’re fiending for a Natty.

Most people’s workweek goes from Monday to Friday, but not you.

You’ve got more of a Monday evening thru Thursday morning type schedule.

Do you not have better shit to do than study for fucking bio?

Hint: you do

You send a shotgun (or two) down the hatch, grab your keys, and head out to the parking garage to hopefully find your car in a reasonable amount of time.

Pub? No doubt.

It takes you half an hour to find your car, but no worries, the bar is just minutes away.

Shit man, this Natty is about to hit me.

Somehow, you make it to the bar alive.

Free cover, free drinks… YKTV

As you stand in line, you can barely contain the excitement. It’s absolutely POPPED tonight.

Bro, I can’t wait to crank a Y-bomb

What better way to start the weekend than a heart-stopping combination of Redbull & well vodka?! Yeah that’s right, nothing.

The bouncer lets you in with no-questions-asked, of course.

Do you really know the vibes…?

*deep inhale*

Ahhhhh, the lovely smell of sweat, beer, and– WHAT THE FUCK!?!?


Can we get a geed check?


There’s just too many geeds here, and it’s clear: THEY DON’T PULL. Feels like I’m at the fkin Boys & Boys club.

Man, I’m getting the heebie-jeebies, I’ve gotta bounce ASAP.

– you

Fucking geeds ruining everything.

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