Warhead Hard Seltzer

Warhead is a popular brand of tart or sour candy made by Impact Confections. The candies vary in their sourness to cater to various preferences.

The first country to invent Warheads was Taiwan in 1975. In the 1990s, The Foreign Candy Company imported them to America. Most people loved them, especially children, giving them the title’ $40 million brands’ in 1999.

It was not until 2004 that Impact Confections got the rights to manufacture warheads. Malic acid applied on the candy’s outside contributes to its sour taste. But it doesn’t last forever. The sourness fades as the candy stays in the mouth. Ascorbic and citric acid at the warheads’ central part makes the taste milder.

Currently, the company has teamed up with Artisanal Brew Works to produce its sour hard seltzer. Artisanal Brew Works is a brewery company formed by Colin Quinn and Kurt Borchardt. The duo’s search for their beer style inspired the partnership.

About Warheads Hard Seltzers

These seltzers contain 5% ABV and similar ingredients as those used in making the Warheads candies. The brewery says Warhead Hard Seltzers are nothing like you’ve tasted before.

The taste mimics the candies – it transits from a sourer to a less sour, then finally to the flavor taste.

The Warhead Hard Seltzer Flavors

The 6 fun flavors of Warhead Hard Seltzers are similar to candies’. They include:

  1. Green apple
  2. Blue raspberry
  3. Watermelon
  4. Black cherry
  5. Pineapple pomelo
  6. Lemon lavender

Based on Artisanal Brew Works’ website, a Warhead Hard Seltzer is somehow tart and sweet. According to Mashed, the wide variety of Warhead Hard Seltzers contributed to their quick popularity and high sales.

Americans love the freedom of choice. The more choices a product has, the better it performs on the market. The brewery is still researching more flavors and trying them out. Studies indicate that Warhead Hard Seltzers love clean and authentic flavors which aren’t so sugary.

Where to Buy Warhead Hard Seltzer

You can buy Warheads Hard Seltzers at the brewery’s Temporary Taproom located in Saratoga Springs. They are also available across other parts of New York.

You can also order one via its website. Unfortunately, the brewery does not ship these Warheads Hard Seltzers. You need to be in the supplying city when you order.

Retailers that sell Warhead Hard Seltzers include but are not limited to:

  • Charles Street Liquors in MA, Boston
  • NJWineSeller, located in Cranford, New Jersey
  • Craft City, based in San Diego, California
  • VintEdge Wine & Spirits, situated in Somerville, New Jersey

Prices may vary from one retailer to another.

You can compare prices and buy from the cheapest vendor. With plans to introduce Warheads hard seltzers in Canada and Australia, they will soon be available outside the USA.

The future is bright for warhead hard seltzers. We are likely to see more Warheads products in the future.

About Warheads Sour Beers

The two companies partnered and produced their first warheads flavored beers in 2020.

The sour candy lovers fell in love with the drinks immediately. It motivated the brewery to brew more beers.

They contain 5% alcohol and come in 5 different flavors.

The Warheads Sour Beer Flavors

After introducing the first Warhead Sour Beers, which were very successful, the brewery started producing them in large numbers. They have the following same flavors as the candies;

  • Lemon
  • Watermelon
  • Green apple
  • Blue raspberry
  • Black cherry

The ingredients also are the same as those used in the candy company’s formula. If some people can’t handle acidity in a Warheads beer, the brewery company assures that you can ‘still drink it by the pint.’ The beers also contain a lot of sweetness to neutralize the sourness.

The warhead sour beer production was so successful that the two companies decided to cater to their gluten-free customers. That’s how Warheads hard seltzer came about.

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