Alcohol Slang Words

Alcohol Slang Words

Anybody who has ever visited the grocery store is aware of different types of alcohol. 

Some kinds of alcohol are distilled that concentrates their alcohol content making them more harmful. 

Humans have been into alcohol for thousands of years. Let us explore types of liquor with their slang words.


Vodka is one of the most loved and used alcoholic drinks consumed neat or as cocktails such as cosmopolitan, bloody mary, and martini. Vodka consists of 40% ABV that includes whiskey made by distilling fermented mash. Vodka is made up of potatoes, milk, or juniper berries.

Slang Words for Vodka

Grey Goose, Vegas Water, Russian, Stoli, Vodka, Bloody Mary, Vat, Vomit, Voodoo, Karl Malden, Blue Drank, Burnys, Stuart Freeman, Vox, Sugar Rush, Vods, Potato Juice, Shodka, Crack Bomb, Bodka.


The Mexican distilled spirit is made from a particular sort of agave – the blue agave plant or agave tequila. Tequila is the type of Mezcal which is the spirit category made from a variety of agave. Tequila styles consist of añejo, reposado, and blanco.

Slang Words for Tequila

Shooter, Shot, Pop, Yeyo Tequila, Petrone, Patron, Andrew, Patron On Ice, Patrizzle, Redneck Margarita, Teq, Nope, Grouillade, Devils Drink, Bea, Frida, Batilla, Prairie Fire, Tila Tequila, Mexican Jizz, Polata, Voodoo Tiki Tequila, Taco Nazi, Cinco De Mayo, Tekillya, Koontz.


The rum is made from sugarcane juice, pure sugarcane, or molasses, usually in wooden barrels. It differs in ABV percent from approx 40% ABV (80 proof) to 75.5% ABV (151 proof).

Slang Words for Rum

Nelson’s Blood, Jack Sparrow, Admiral Nelson, Pina Colada, Roman, Zombie, Rum And Coke, Michelle, Dancing Juice, Caribeer, Grog Bog, Rummy, Pirate Ale, Cattrall, Rum Ham.


Gin got its name from juniper berries, i.e., similar to vodka. It comprises coriander, almond, juniper, citrus peel, licorice, or cinnamon having neutral grain alcohol. Every flavor comes naturally in gin.

Slang Words for Gin

Madam Geneva, Green Gimbal, Jumantonic, Looch, Tanqueray, Gully Wash, Jazz June, Gum And Tonic, Jitter Sauce, Gin-Mill


Whiskey is the distilled alcoholic drink made from fermented grain mash consisting of wheat, rye, barley, and corn. The different taste of the drink is achieved after fermentation of charred white oak wood. The aging procedure of whiskey stops once it is bottled from casks. Around 40% of alcohol is present in good whiskey.

Slang words for Whiskey

Hooch, Moonshine, Liquor, Poteen, Screech, Booze, Jamo, Craythur, Rotgut, Jamo, Vodka, Whiskey Tango, Shine, Irish Coffee, Vodgina, Scotch, Dewskey, Whiskey Bagel, Easus Jesus, Whiskey Biscuit, Scotchka.


Brandy is the wine that has done entire fermentation along with distillation. It has 40% ABV. The standard type of brandy is cognac.

Slang words for Brandy

Cognac, Aqua Vitae, Marc, Yack, Easy Jesus, Remy, Koontz, Moiesha, Witty Chuck, Ponche, Broffee, Pisco, Evil Juice, Rooves, Rag Water, Magyar, Karate Water, Sc5 Punch, Cherry Bomber


Beer is the most famous alcoholic beverage globally. Also, beer is the most commonly consumed drink in the world. Beer is most likely the oldest alcoholic drink in history. Standard beer has between 4 to 6 % ABV, although some beers have lower or higher alcohol concentrations.

Slang words for Beer

Suds, Slops Wipes, Brewski, Wallop, Shenkbeer, Gatter, Wobbly Pop, Oat Soda, Tecate, Red Stripe, Dab, Natty, Brew Dog, Skunked, Wheat Water, Kegger, Rona, Half-Rack, Miller Lite, Stella, Stroh, Taplin, Hoover.


Wine is a drink made by fermentation of fruit and grapes having less than 14% ABV. Some wines usually have 20% ABV fortified with liquor. White wine, sparkling wine, and red wine are common types.

Slang words for Wine

Goon, Plonk, Sake, Bucky, Mead, Wino, Creature, Franzia, Turps, Goon Sack, Glogs, Beer, Drunk, Shiraz, Portugal, Spritzer, Ripple, Wine Pong, Chardon, Tiller


Champagne is the classic sparkling wine having been named for the site of origin and production, the traditional reign of champagne in Northeastern France. The word champagne’ is generally applied to many rose or white wines characterized by effervescence.

Slang Words for Champagne

Bub-Bub, Bubbly, Miller, Rozay, Guardian Reader, Cristal, Mimosa, Champers, Cris, Bub Bottle, Passion Pop, Magnum, French 75, Domp, Champs, Fizzy, Doggie Bag, Pagne Pong, Champadre, Sean Don


Scotch – known as malt whiskey, has origin in Scotland made from malted barley and water. Scotch may have a minimum of three years, but it mainly lies in the woods for around 8 to 10 years or more that smoothens the taste of the fine dark beverage.

Slang Words for Scotch

Nail, Neat, Tickler, Boiler Scotch, Scotch Plains, Macallan, Scotch Notch, T-Hub, Singer, Scoutch, Scotchka, Whisky, Hoose, Balloo, Scotch Bagging, Scotch.


The whisky itself is called bourbon; its mixture of grains from which the product is distilled contains around 51% corn. Also, bourbon should be aged in charred new oak barrels.

Slang Words for Bourbon

Booze, Neat, Whiskey


People usually get it confused with Tequila, but Mezcal is a spirit with a smoky aroma. It is the distilled alcoholic drink made from any agave, a part of the Agavaceae family, having 200 variants of species. Mezcal agave has thick and big leaves having sharp pointers at ends. It creates a heart or pina in the middle when fully grown from juice to prepare Mezcal. It takes about seven to fifteen years for maturing, depending on the species and its nature of cultivation.

Slang words for Mezcal

Mezcalmyopic, Jose Cuervo, Isto


Absinthe is the spirit made up of a variety of herbs and leaves. There is no proof for the idea that absinthe is a hallucinogen, but it has a high concentration of alcohol. Different forms of absinthe have around 40% ABV, whereas others have approximately 90% ABV.

Slang words for Absinthe

Ynthe, Spirit, Abc Shot, Absent, Absinth, Green Russian, Thujone, Femry, Pernod Fils, Abisante, Udbhav, Mansinthe, Lucid, Absquatulate, Bababoosh, Wormwood, Ari Gold Shot, Special Nesquik, Abc Night


It is made by fermentation of honey. Producers commonly blend concentrated mead with water. It has 10 to 14% of ABV.

Slang words for Mead

Honey Wine, Lithuania, Sack Mead, Black Mead, Thor, Lissa, Kutless, Chillicothe, Halestorm, Hoover Dam, Spinner, Motor Boaters, Valkyrie, Boza, Las Vegas, Troll, Ren Fester

Popular Alcohol Slang

Booze, Sauce, Spirit, Poison, Firewater, Hooch, Giggle Juice, Juice, Moonshine, Brewski, Suds, Half-Rack, Bubbly, Rotgut, Nightcap, Shooter

Slang For The Activity Of Drinking

Boozer, Tanked, Fried, Pie-Eyed, Cockeyed, Loaded, Plastered, Hammered, Blasted, Buzzed, Wrecked, Basted (Drunk And High), Steamed, Skunked, Toasted, Sloshed.

Usually, a particular group of people/friends decide to make some words to use in conversation, i.e., code words. 

Teenagers or co-workers are most active in such formulation of words. 

These words create a slang language containing a particular meaning. 

These words are from existing words of common languages, however, they are informal and are not at all used in writing situations.

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