Full Send Flag

What is the Full Send Flag?

The Full Send flag is a 3’x5’ polyester banner that represents the Nelk Boys

It’s the best way to show your support for Nelk & that you don’t support Half Sends.

What is the meaning of the Full Send Flag?

The Full Send Flag tells everybody that you are a “Full Sender”… none of that “Half Sender” BS.

An action where the consequences are not thought through. A Full Sender gives no fucks about what might happen after the Send, as long as the Send is hype and there are cameras rolling.

RonaBoii on UrbanDictionary

Beautifully said, RonaBoii.

What colors does the Full Send Flag come in?

The Full Send Flag comes in a whole bunch of colors/patterns that are always changing drop-to-drop. Be sure to follow Nelk on Twitter to stay up-to-date on their newest drops.

  • White
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Blue
  • American Flag
  • Canadian Flag

How much is a Full Send Flag?

As the Full Send Flag is highly in demand, it usually goes for quite a lot– some have sold for as high as $150!

Price will vary depending on when & where you buy it; the best price is from the Full Send store… but it’s hard to snag one when it drops.

Where to buy a Full Send Flag?

The Official Site

Of course, the best place to buy a Full Send Flag is on Full Send’s official website– that is if you’re able to snag one before they’re sold out!

If you don’t get one on the merch drop, don’t worry– there are plenty of other options to get your hands on a Full Send Flag.


Another great place to find a Nelk Full Send Flag is eBay. Some are pretty expensive though.

As with anything on eBay, be sure to keep your eye out for any signs of a fake & buy from the highest-rated sellers. Chances are if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

Some sellers provide proof of purchase – which is provided by Nelk – in their listings. 


NelkBoysMerch.com is a reseller for all kinds of Nelk products. 

Obviously, their availability will vary from time to time.

At the time of writing, they did not have any Full Send Flags in stock– in fact, the last one sold for $150.


There is no shortage of Full Send Flags on Amazon… that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re authentic Full Send Flags, though…

While they may not be affiliated with the Nelk Boys, if you’re just looking to represent “Full Send” without spending hundreds of dollars at a reseller, these might be perfect for you!


If you’re okay with an unofficial Full Send Flag, then you might be able to find something on Etsy.


Grailed is a popular online marketplace for high-end streetwear, however, you can still find things such as the Full Send Flag from time to time.


Similar to Grailed, StockX is an online marketplace for anything from sneakers, electronics, streetwear, collectibles, watches, handbags, and more! You might have luck finding a Full Send Flag here!

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